Lesson Plans October 15-19

Monday: Students will identify character traits and characteristics of Freak from our novel. Students will begin Figurative Language Stations to practice how an author uses figurative language in their writing. They will focus on personification, simile, metaphor, hyperbole, and onomatopoeia. They will also complete a quiz over the first 10 chapters of “Freak the Mighty”.

Tuesday: Students will continue their station rotation.

Wednesday: Students will continue their station rotation.

Thursday: Students will finish up any work that they have not completed. Any missing assignments need to be turned in today.

Friday: Student Holiday


Monday: Students will write a skit as a group over a type of irony.

Tuesday: Students will perform their Irony Skits

Wednesday: Students will practice using Oxymorons.

Thursday: Test over Chapters 3-5 chapters of “Once” and Irony.

Friday: Student Holiday

Lesson Plans Sept 24-28

Monday: Students will begin thinking about some of the big themes from “Freak the Mighty”. They will also begin Vocabulary study for the novel.

Tuesday: Begin Research on bullying and Knights of the round table to create background knowledge for the novel.

Wednesday: Students will complete research and play a vocabulary game.

Thursday: We will begin reading “Freak the Mighty”

Friday: Students will begin a character analysis of the two main characters from “Freak the Mighty”.


Monday: Students will begin research on the Holocaust in order to create background knowledge for our upcoming novel study.

Tuesday: Students will continue Webquest research.

Wednesday: Students will begin creating a One Pager to summarize what they have discovered about the Holocaust

Thursday: Continue One Pager on Holocaust

Friday: Present One Pagers.

Lesson Plans August 20-24

Monday: Set up Notebooks, Read “Thank you Mr. Falker” and practice reader’s response

Tuesday: Universal Screener

Wednesday: Why do we read? Discuss reading strategies, stations to practice

Thursday: Continue Reading Strategy Stations

Friday: Book Tasting!

Advanced Reading:

Monday: Set up Notebooks, Read “Thank you Mr. Falker” and practice reader’s response, discuss “Outsiders” project

Tuesday: “Outsiders” test

Wednesday: Why do we read? Discuss reading strategies, stations to practice

Thursday: Universal Screener

Friday: Book Tasting!

Welcome to 7th Grade Reading!

It’s been a fun summer, but I am so excited to get this year kicked off! We are going to be doing a lot of reading this year and working on thinking deeper. This is my 2nd year teaching at White Oak and my 7th year teaching in all.  I was a 13 year Roughneck and walked these very halls as a middle school student. After experiencing other districts, I can honestly  say that WO is the best school around.

My goal is to create an environment that fosters communication, collaboration and critical thinking. I hope students enjoy coming to my class, but it’s not going to be easy! I believe ALL students can learn if they put forth the effort. I want to push everyone to their next level (whatever level that may be for each student).

I look forward to a great year and working with all these Roughnecks!

Summer Assignments for Advanced Reading for 2018-19

Welcome to Advanced Reading! Each week, on Thursday, an assignment over “The Outsiders” will be posted. Most of the time it will be a discussion question or a short assignment. It will be due the following Wednesday.

I completely understand that a lot of people will be out of town throughout the summer, so if you miss an assignment here and there, it’s ok. Just try and catch up. Again, it will mostly be just discussion questions so as long as you are reading the book, you should be fine and the assignment not difficult.

This first week it is an assignment to help you get acquainted  with the time period.

If you haven’t joined my Google Classroom yet, I have sent an email link for you to join and here is the class code: tqbxzp2

If you don’t participate and complete these assignments, you won’t be able to be in advanced reading in the fall.

Hope you have a great summer and I’m looking forward to your thoughts on “The Outsiders”!