Summer Assignments for Advanced Reading for 2018-19

Welcome to Advanced Reading! Each week, on Thursday, an assignment over “The Outsiders” will be posted. Most of the time it will be a discussion question or a short assignment. It will be due the following Wednesday.

I completely understand that a lot of people will be out of town throughout the summer, so if you miss an assignment here and there, it’s ok. Just try and catch up. Again, it will mostly be just discussion questions so as long as you are reading the book, you should be fine and the assignment not difficult.

This first week it is an assignment to help you get acquainted  with the time period.

If you haven’t joined my Google Classroom yet, I have sent an email link for you to join and here is the class code: tqbxzp2

If you don’t participate and complete these assignments, you won’t be able to be in advanced reading in the fall.

Hope you have a great summer and I’m looking forward to your thoughts on “The Outsiders”!

Lesson Plans May 7-11

This week we are going to be reviewing for the upcoming STAAR test next week. We are going to have some fun getting ready to show everything that has been learned this year. I am excited to see how well everyone will do next week!

Monday: Complete Scope reading passage from Friday

Tuesday: Task Card Relay Races (Poetry)

Wednesday: Task Card Basketball (Drama)

Thursday: Fornite Escape Room!! (Fiction)

Friday: QUIDDITCH!!! (Non-Fiction)

Lesson Plans Feb. 26-March 2

Monday-Complete Benchmark Review. Complete “Letters from Rifka” questions over sections 1 and 2.

Tuesday-Read Section 3 of “Letters from Rifka”

Wednesday-1/2 day Questions over Section 3

Thursday- “Letters from Rifka” Quiz

Friday- Read Section 4 of “Letters from Rifka”


Monday-Complete Benchmark Review. Summary questions over 1st section of Dystopian novels. Individual activity.

Tuesday- Group Activity over Dystopian Novels

Wednesday-1/2 day Complete Group Activity

Thursday-Read Section 2 of Novel

Friday- Lesson over Setting. Why is setting important?


Super Bowl Ad Analysis Assignment

Just wanted to let you know that the Super Bowl Commercial analysis assigned as homework, is just for extra credit! I will replace your lowest grade with it if you choose to do it! If you can’t do it, don’t worry about it. It’s just a little extra credit that I thought would be fun! Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and see you tomorrow.

Notes for the week of January 22-26

Please remember that Wednesday, Jan 24th will be a regular day instead of an early release as previously planned.

Students are working on a project in class where they are reading a persuasive article then analyzing it using different methods. Each day will be a different assignment and they should be finishing it in class. If they don’t finish each day, it is homework. I have told them that it is easier to complete it each night they don’t finish so they don’t have 4 days worth of assignments to complete in a single night. They will have about 20 minutes on Thursday to complete any day that is incomplete, but that’s not a lot of time. Please encourage them to finish any work each night so they won’t be stressed about it come Thursday.


January 22-26

Monday: Persuasive Text Analysis Project

Tuesday: Persuasive Text Analysis Project

Wednesday: Persuasive Text Analysis Project 1/2 day for Students

Thursday: Finish Persuasive Text Analysis Project and Test Review

Friday:  Test over Persuasive Text

Introduce Rucksack Assignment (Regular Classes)

What is Dystopian Genre? (Pre-AP Class)

Semester Exam

Semester Exams are this week so that means it’s almost Christmas!!

Students did not receive an exam review for reading because there is really not much they actually study for. There are not facts to be memorized or steps to learn. It is simply reading a passage and being able to understand it and analyze it.

Students need to bring their reading journal and charged Chromebook to my class for their exam.

Good luck to everyone and “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Exam Schedule:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday
4th                7:55-9:15 1st               7:55-9:15 3rd                7:55-9:15
2nd               9:20-9:25 2nd              9:20-9:25 2nd               9:20-9:25
5th                9:30-10:50 2nd            9:30-10:50 7th               9:30-10:50
Lunch          10:55-11:25 6th           10:55-12:15 8th            10:55-12:15
Study Hall   11:30-12:15 Grab and Go Lunch Grab and Go Lunch