Lesson Plans Jan. 29-Feb 2

Monday: Universal Reading Level Screener. Introduce Rucksack Assignment (Due Monday, Feb 5th)

Tuesday: Introduce Immigration  through Discover Magazines for background knowledge on upcoming Novel study

Wednesday: Continue Immigration research

Thursday: Read “The Memory Coat”.  Vocabulary over “Letters From Rifka”

Friday: Super Bowl Ad Analysis


Monday: Universal Reading Level Screener.

Tuesday:Dystopian Genre Notes

Wednesday: Harrison Bergeron Short Story

Thursday: Complete H.B. short story

Friday: Super Bowl Ad Analysis

Lesson Plans January 8-12

All Classes:

Monday: Students will go to the library for Text Feature scavenger Hunt

Tuesday: Text Features Escape Room! Which class can “escape” the quickest!

Wednesday: Quizizz over Text Features. Notes over persuasive techniques

Thursday: “I Have a Dream” analysis

Friday: “I Have a Dream” analysis

Monday will be a holiday for MLK day!