Lesson Plans 12/11-12/15

ALL Classes

Monday-Take a Quizizz on Text Structures. Read articles on Gingerbread houses and identify the text structure used.

Tuesday-Work on Gingerbread House Foldable. (Article of the Week Due tomorrow)

Wednesday- As a class, build a Gingerbread House using an expository text in Sequence Form. (Article of the Week Due)

Thursday- Continue building a Gingerbread House using an expository text in Sequence Form

Friday- Judge  Gingerbread Houses. Exam Review

Lesson Plans 11/27-12/1

Monday: View Slides over R.A.C.E. Strategy for answering questions and glue in Notes to Reading Journal.

Tuesday: Independent Practice with R.A.C.E.  Review Article of the Week assignment that will begin this week.

Wednesday: Expository text Introduction. Take Notes in Reading Journal

Thursday: Review Organizational Patterns used in Expository Text

Friday: Practice Quiz over Organizational Patterns. Identify Examples of each organizational pattern


Monday: Field Trip to the Holocaust Museum in Dallas

Tuesday: Gallery Walk Project for Novel

Wednesday: Complete Gallery Walk

Thursday: Watch the movie “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”

Friday: Finish movie