Lesson Plans October 1-5

Monday- Continue reading “Freak the Mighty”

Tuesday- Students will do a figurative language scavenger hunt in the novel. There will also be an open book quiz over the first 5 chapters of the novel.

Wednesday- We will begin a character analysis of the 2 main characters from the novel. We will continue to add to this as we read the book. Figurative Language sort.

Thursday- Vocabulary test over first 9 chapters. Continue reading the novel.

Friday- Quick write responses over novel. Vocabulary for chapters 10-25.


Monday- Vocabulary crossword puzzle. Begin reading “Once”. “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” will be read at home while “Once” will be read in class.

Tuesday- Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt. Read “Terrible Things”- Quick write explaining the meaning.

Wednesday- Holocaust artifact quest

Thursday- Figurative Language Sort. Novel Study Questions with groups. Continue reading Once

Friday- Begin Character Analysis of Zelda and Felix. Continue reading Once

Lesson Plans Sept. 17-21

Monday: Students will be working on a Flocabulary assignment for Characterization.

Tuesday: Students will continue working on Characterization. They will watch a powerpoint and take notes on different examples of characterization.

Wednesday: Students will complete a Character trait escape room with a partner.

Thursday: Students will review for a test over Character Traits by playing Grudgeball.

Friday: Test over Character Traits.

Lesson Plans September 3-7

Monday: Labor Day

Tuesday: Complete Plot Escape Room. TED Talk Tuesday

Wednesday: Plot/Setting Stations

Thursday: Finish Plot/Setting Stations

Friday: Plot Quiz


Monday: Labor Day

Tuesday: Complete Plot Escape Room. TED Talk Tuesday

Wednesday: Plot Quiz

Thursday: Vocabulary for “The Most Dangerous Game”

Friday: Students will read “The Most Dangerous Game” and answer questions.

Lesson Plans August 27-31

Monday: Introduction of the Book of Month assignment.

Tuesday: TED Talk Tuesday: We will watch a TED talk and analyze the meaning and how it can relate to us. We will also begin a universal screener to determine reading levels.

Wednesday: We will complete the universal screener.

Thursday:We will review the Plot Diagram and the different parts of plot. Students will rotate through different plot stations to practice the skill

Friday: Finish up plot stations.