Expectations for Students:

  1. THINK-I expect you each day to use your brain! Don’t set it to autopilot while you daydream about Fortnite!
  2. COME PREPARED- That means have something to read, bring a writing utensil and your chromebook and any other supplies you might need EVERY DAY!
  3. TRY- I know reading isn’t everyone’s favorite subject (Bonus points if it is!) but I expect each student to at least try.
  4. BE RESPONSIBLE- You are no longer in elementary. I will hold you to a certain level of responsibility. I want you to be successful in high school and as an adult and it begins here.
  5. HAVE FUN- I want you to have fun in my class. Yes, there will be times when we have to be serious and do mundane tasks. But hopefully you will be able to laugh and enjoy learning most of the time.

What You can Expect from Me:

  1. SPORTS REFERENCES- Sorry guys, I love sports and will refer to them often. Just get used to it.
  2. PASSION FOR READING-I love reading and I will encourage you to find a love for it too.
  3. SUPPORT- In the classroom or outside it, I want to support you in any way I can.
  4. SOMEONE TO PUSH YOU OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE- I am going to push you to always get better and to always think. Sometimes that might mean tough love, but sometimes we need someone to push us past where we think we can go.
  5. CRAZINESS- I like to have fun while we’re learning.
  6. LOVE- Most importantly, know that I love my students. I am here to listen, encourage and give advice.