40 Book Challenge

Welcome to the 40 Book Challenge for 2017-2018! I hope everyone is excited to get started and you are going to challenge yourself to read more than ever before!

What is it? Every 7th grader is being challenged to read 40 books this year. They are the students’ choice but they will be reading from different genres.

When is it due? May. This is a year long project

What do they read? Anything! They have to read a certain amount of books from each genre, but the titles are student choice.

Is it required? Yes! Every student may not reach 40 books, but everyone must be reading! There will be projects along the way that will be graded.

Prizes? There will be prizes and awards along the way to encourage student participation. A grand prize will be awarded to all those who meet the challenge.

How can parents be involved?  Parents can ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE! I will be doing the challenge as well, and encourage parents to join me! Watch my blog for further information on this.

I hope every student can come to realize that reading isn’t just for school! It is a lifelong skill that can assure you are never bored. Reading is fun and I want students to remember this!