Lesson Plans Dec. 12-20

Thursday, Dec 12- Begin Poetry Project. Students have a Google Slide show that goes step by step on what they will do. They will choose a poem and analyze it using the TPCASTT method, create a flipgrid video sharing their thoughts, then finally creating a digital shadowbox over their poem.

Friday, Dec 13- Continue working on project

Monday, Dec 16- Continue working on project Project is due by class on Tuesday.

Tuesday, Dec 17- Review for semester exam

Wednesday, Dec 18- Exams

Thursday, Dec 19- Exams

Friday, Dec 20- Exams

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and comes back in January rested and ready to work hard our 2nd semester!


Homework Due

Students have been working for several days analyzing poetry. Many of them are not done, however. These things will be due tomorrow at the beginning of class so students need to finish it tonight.

I will not be accepting late work on this, because we have had plenty of time in class and plenty of practice.

Lesson Plans Dec 9-13

Regular and Advanced classes

Monday: Complete any work from last week. (TPCASTT notes, Quizizz, Flocabulary, SCOPE poems)

Tuesday: TPCASTT (strategy for poetry) Practice on poems together.

Wednesday: Begin poetry project. Students will research and analyze a poem

Thursday: Work on poetry project

Friday: Use FlipGrid to share poetry