Book Fair Coming Soon!!


From Mrs. Kelley….

The Middle School Library is hosting a Scholastic Book Fair December 9 through December 18! Be sure to join us for one of the following activities to encourage literacy in our community. All book fair profits go back to purchasing new books and equipment for the library to benefit WOMS students. Every student that shops the fair in person will be entered into a drawing. Prizes include a Moe’s Pizza and authentic Roughneck wear!

  • Lunch and Shop: Join your middle schooler for lunch in the library and shop the book fair from 11:00-11:30 December 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13. Visitors will check in at the office before being directed to the library.


  • Family Nights: While you are on campus for the Christmas band concert, bring the whole family to the library on December 17 between 5:30 PM and 8:00 PM. The first 150 shoppers will receive a complimentary cookie from Hard Bean! 


  • Student Shopping: Students can shop during the school day in enrichment or with permission from their reading teacher during reading class.


  • EWallet: Give your student a secure, cash-free way to shop the fair. Simply create a free account, preauthorize a spending limit, and have funds immediately available at Scroll down to the “ewallet” section and click, “get started.”


  • Online Shopping: If you are unable to come to any of the open times, you have the opportunity to order your books online beginning December 4th by visiting

In addition, students have made ornaments for the library Christmas Tree. Follow the instructions below. When you visit the library, you can see the tree come to life.

  1. Get the app HP Reveal.
  2. Create a free account.
  3. Search kelleyc
  4. Follow kelleyc’s Public Auras

Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have.  I look forward to seeing you all next week and thank you all in advance for your support!

Chesley Kelley

WOMS Library Media Specialist

[email protected]

Lesson Plans November 18-22

Monday: Work on and read library book.

Tuesday: Begin watching “The Mighty”.

Wednesday: Watch “The Mighty”.

Thursday: Research New London school explosion

Friday: Field Trip to New London



Monday: Novel Discussion and “debrief”.

Tuesday: Begin watching “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”.

Wednesday: Watch “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”.

Thursday: Research New London school explosion

Friday: Field Trip to New London

Lesson Plans November 11-15

We have finished reading “Freak the Mighty”! I think most students really liked it and got into the story!

In advanced class, students are finishing up “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” and will be working on projects for it this week. Ask them about their crossword puzzles!

Monday: Discuss Analogies and complete a worksheet over “Freak the Mighty” vocabulary using those analogies.

Tuesday: Study Sync Practice over our novel.

Wednesday: Interactive Plot Diagram. Create crossword puzzles with partner.

Thursday: Review Novel. Take Quizizz over the novel in preparation of test on Friday. (Is due by class on Friday if not finished in class)

Friday: Final test over novel. Students will have time to read their own books after they finish the test.


Students are at different places in their novels and novel projects. They will continue working on the following this week. Everything is due Friday!

  1. Complete Novel
  2. Compete 4 Quizizz assignments
  3. Create crossword puzzles that will be shared with the class
  4. Work on Choice Boards

Monday: Chapter 16-20 questions due

Tuesday: Quiz over ch. 16-20

Friday: Final Test over novel

Lesson Plans November 4-8

Monday: Read Ch. 13-15 of “Freak the Mighty”

Tuesday: Add more characteristics and life events to our picture of Max. Kahoot to review chapters we have read. Read Ch. 16

Wednesday: Study Sync practice over novel.

Thursday: Read Ch. 17-20 of “Freak the Mighty”

Friday: Begin Novel Choice Board over Novel


Monday: Read Novel and answer questions

Tuesday: Test over Ch. 11-15

Wednesday: Read Novel and answer questions

Thursday: Fishbowl Discussions over novel

Friday: Continue Fishbowl Discussions