Lesson Plans October 15-19

Monday: Students will identify character traits and characteristics of Freak from our novel. Students will begin Figurative Language Stations to practice how an author uses figurative language in their writing. They will focus on personification, simile, metaphor, hyperbole, and onomatopoeia. They will also complete a quiz over the first 10 chapters of “Freak the Mighty”.

Tuesday: Students will continue their station rotation.

Wednesday: Students will continue their station rotation.

Thursday: Students will finish up any work that they have not completed. Any missing assignments need to be turned in today.

Friday: Student Holiday


Monday: Students will write a skit as a group over a type of irony.

Tuesday: Students will perform their Irony Skits

Wednesday: Students will practice using Oxymorons.

Thursday: Test over Chapters 3-5 chapters of “Once” and Irony.

Friday: Student Holiday

Lesson Plans October 8-12

Monday:  Begin vocabulary for chapters 10-25.(words 1-10) Character Analysis for Freak. Complete Figurative Language Pre-Test.

Tuesday: Vocabulary Test Corrections. Continue new Vocabulary words (words 11-20). Take notes over Fig. Language.

Wednesday: Rotate through Figurative Language Stations

Thursday: Rotate through Figurative Language Stations

Friday: Rotate through Figurative Language Stations


Monday: Finish 100 Words quiz. Various Enrichment Activities.

Tuesday: Answer Questions in Groups over the 1st 5 chapters of Once.

Wednesday: Continue Answering Questions.

Thursday: Notes and Lesson over Irony.

Friday: Irony and Figurative Language Games



Lesson Plans October 1-5

Monday- Continue reading “Freak the Mighty”

Tuesday- Students will do a figurative language scavenger hunt in the novel. There will also be an open book quiz over the first 5 chapters of the novel.

Wednesday- We will begin a character analysis of the 2 main characters from the novel. We will continue to add to this as we read the book. Figurative Language sort.

Thursday- Vocabulary test over first 9 chapters. Continue reading the novel.

Friday- Quick write responses over novel. Vocabulary for chapters 10-25.


Monday- Vocabulary crossword puzzle. Begin reading “Once”. “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” will be read at home while “Once” will be read in class.

Tuesday- Figurative Language Scavenger Hunt. Read “Terrible Things”- Quick write explaining the meaning.

Wednesday- Holocaust artifact quest

Thursday- Figurative Language Sort. Novel Study Questions with groups. Continue reading Once

Friday- Begin Character Analysis of Zelda and Felix. Continue reading Once