Lesson Plans Sept 24-28

Monday: Students will begin thinking about some of the big themes from “Freak the Mighty”. They will also begin Vocabulary study for the novel.

Tuesday: Begin Research on bullying and Knights of the round table to create background knowledge for the novel.

Wednesday: Students will complete research and play a vocabulary game.

Thursday: We will begin reading “Freak the Mighty”

Friday: Students will begin a character analysis of the two main characters from “Freak the Mighty”.


Monday: Students will begin research on the Holocaust in order to create background knowledge for our upcoming novel study.

Tuesday: Students will continue Webquest research.

Wednesday: Students will begin creating a One Pager to summarize what they have discovered about the Holocaust

Thursday: Continue One Pager on Holocaust

Friday: Present One Pagers.

Lesson Plans Sept. 17-21

Monday: Students will be working on a Flocabulary assignment for Characterization.

Tuesday: Students will continue working on Characterization. They will watch a powerpoint and take notes on different examples of characterization.

Wednesday: Students will complete a Character trait escape room with a partner.

Thursday: Students will review for a test over Character Traits by playing Grudgeball.

Friday: Test over Character Traits.

Lesson Plans September 10-14

Monday: Students will review the RACE strategy for answering questions. Using that strategy, students will practice answering questions completely.**Anyone that failed the plot structure quiz on Friday can retake it today.

Tuesday: We will reflect on the events of September 11, 2001. Students will read about lives, and then they will learn about what happened to them on that fateful day. Some survived, some did not.

Wednesday: Students will learn new vocabulary for “The Mission” from Scholastic Magazine then read the story.

Thursday: Students will continue working on activities from “The Mission”. They will be looking at the plot and setting, making inferences on character traits and also making connections to it and an expository text.

Friday: Students will take notes on character traits.


Same as regular classes.

Lesson Plans September 3-7

Monday: Labor Day

Tuesday: Complete Plot Escape Room. TED Talk Tuesday

Wednesday: Plot/Setting Stations

Thursday: Finish Plot/Setting Stations

Friday: Plot Quiz


Monday: Labor Day

Tuesday: Complete Plot Escape Room. TED Talk Tuesday

Wednesday: Plot Quiz

Thursday: Vocabulary for “The Most Dangerous Game”

Friday: Students will read “The Most Dangerous Game” and answer questions.