Lesson Plans Feb. 26-March 2

Monday-Complete Benchmark Review. Complete “Letters from Rifka” questions over sections 1 and 2.

Tuesday-Read Section 3 of “Letters from Rifka”

Wednesday-1/2 day Questions over Section 3

Thursday- “Letters from Rifka” Quiz

Friday- Read Section 4 of “Letters from Rifka”


Monday-Complete Benchmark Review. Summary questions over 1st section of Dystopian novels. Individual activity.

Tuesday- Group Activity over Dystopian Novels

Wednesday-1/2 day Complete Group Activity

Thursday-Read Section 2 of Novel

Friday- Lesson over Setting. Why is setting important?


Lesson Plans Feb. 19-23

Monday: President’s Day Holiday

Tuesday: Read “Letters from Rifka”

Wednesday: Character Motivation-What are Rifka’s motivations?

Thursday: Review Benchmark Test

Friday: Complete Section 2 Questions over Rifka, continue Reading



Monday: President’s Day Holiday

Tuesday: Divide up Dystopian Novels into readable sections, begin packet

Wednesday: Character Motivation-What are the motivations of our main character in our novels?

Thursday: Review Benchmark Test

Friday: How does setting play a role in our stories?



Lesson Plans February 5-9

Monday- We will Present Rucksacks and define vocabulary from our novel

Tuesday- We will Present Rucksacks and define vocabulary from our novel

Wednesday- Begin reading “Letters From Rifka” (Section 1)

Thursday- Finish reading Section 1 and answer questions

Friday- Finish questions and begin Section 2 of the novel



Monday- Answer questions from “Harrison Bergeron” story.

Tuesday- Create Propaganda posters for “Harrison Bergeron”

Wednesday- Continue working on propaganda posters

Thursday- Complete posters and Begin Lit Circles on Dystopian Novel

Friday-Work in Lit circles

Super Bowl Ad Analysis Assignment

Just wanted to let you know that the Super Bowl Commercial analysis assigned as homework, is just for extra credit! I will replace your lowest grade with it if you choose to do it! If you can’t do it, don’t worry about it. It’s just a little extra credit that I thought would be fun! Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and see you tomorrow.