Semester Exam

Semester Exams are this week so that means it’s almost Christmas!!

Students did not receive an exam review for reading because there is really not much they actually study for. There are not facts to be memorized or steps to learn. It is simply reading a passage and being able to understand it and analyze it.

Students need to bring their reading journal and charged Chromebook to my class for their exam.

Good luck to everyone and “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Exam Schedule:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday
4th                7:55-9:15 1st               7:55-9:15 3rd                7:55-9:15
2nd               9:20-9:25 2nd              9:20-9:25 2nd               9:20-9:25
5th                9:30-10:50 2nd            9:30-10:50 7th               9:30-10:50
Lunch          10:55-11:25 6th           10:55-12:15 8th            10:55-12:15
Study Hall   11:30-12:15 Grab and Go Lunch Grab and Go Lunch

Lesson Plans 12/11-12/15

ALL Classes

Monday-Take a Quizizz on Text Structures. Read articles on Gingerbread houses and identify the text structure used.

Tuesday-Work on Gingerbread House Foldable. (Article of the Week Due tomorrow)

Wednesday- As a class, build a Gingerbread House using an expository text in Sequence Form. (Article of the Week Due)

Thursday- Continue building a Gingerbread House using an expository text in Sequence Form

Friday- Judge  Gingerbread Houses. Exam Review

Lesson Plans 12/4-12/8

Monday- Students will complete any work from last week that they did not complete. Work with a partner to complete a Non-fiction practice Quiz

Tuesday- Watch an Episode of CNN Student News. Paying attention to the different stories, decide what the purpose of it was and structure they used. (Article of the Week is Due Tomorrow!)

Wednesday- Article of the Week is Due. 2nd Article is assigned. Non-Fiction Stations

Thursday-Continue Non-Fiction stations

Friday- Finish Stations. Quiz on Google Classroom over Non-Fiction



Monday-Finish Watching “Boy in the Striped Pajamas”

Tuesday- “Boy in the Striped Pajamas” test review

Wednesday- “Boy in the Striped Pajamas” test Article of the Week Assigned (Due next Wednesday)

Thursday- Expository Text Structures-Create Chart

Friday-Expository Practice Pages